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11 Essential Changes to Shift Your Leadership Higher

6 week mastermind starting May 1st at 1:00pm NZT

reach your full potential

Are you ready to take your leadership to new heights? Our "Leadershift" Mastermind is designed for individuals seeking growth, development, and impactful leadership.

This "Leadershift" Mastermind offers a comprehensive 6-week program meticulously crafted to elevate your leadership skills to unprecedented heights. 

Through immersive and interactive learning experiences, you'll delve deep into advanced leadership strategies, guided by the expertise of Andy Rolston, a seasoned leadership coach with a proven track record of success. 

This mastermind isn't just about acquiring knowledge; it's about empowering you to apply these insights in real-world scenarios, fostering meaningful connections with like-minded professionals, and crafting a personalized playbook that reflects your unique leadership style. 

Each week, you'll face new challenges, enabling you to refine your skills, overcome obstacles, and emerge as a leader who inspires, motivates, and achieves remarkable results.

On Tuesday, May 1st at 1:00 pm NZT, I am launching my Leadershift Mastermind where I’ll be working with a handful of participants who are serious about growing both personally and professionally -- and you could be one of them.

Based on John Maxwell's principles, this mastermind equips you with the tools and support to become a more impactful leader.

“We cannot become what we need by remaining what we are.” - John Maxwell

what to expect:

Interactive Learning, engaging in dynamic discussions and practical exercises.
Expert Guidance, led by Andy Rolston, a seasoned leadership coach.
Dive deep into "Next Level Leadership" insights and powerful strategies.
Connect & Network with professionals on the same journey.
Craft a personalised playbook specific to your leadership needs and outcomes.
Apply your learning with weekly challenges in real-world situations.


Our mastermind will help you...

Lead with unwavering confidence and influence.
Apply advanced leadership strategies in your role.
Tackle leadership challenges with newfound expertise.
Cultivate a motivated and high-performing team.
Fine tune your professional aspirations.


LEADRERSHIFT Mastermind Group
When: Every Wednesday starting on 01/05/24
Time: 1:00 – 2:00 PM NZT
Location: Via Online Zoom Classroom
Cost: $377.00 NZD
Duration: 6 Weeks

Facilitated by: Andy Rolston



Being part of the John Maxwell Mastermind was great. Andy was awesome at keeping us informed, encouraging, and attentive. The weekly discussion group is so helpful to stay accountable and share insight, as well as receive insights from other people. I think the books recommended by Andy are awesome and the one I started reading has been enlightening. So glad I restarted my personal growth journey.

Mina Amso


I've just completed a course with Andy on the Laws of Growth by JOHN Maxwell. It has been a fantastic experience really, with lots of wisdom and I've really enjoyed learning a lot. He helped me with my business development and also my personal growth.

Bill Amosa


I've just finished a growth course with Andy, on the john Maxwell book that we've been working on over the last 10 weeks or so, I'd say it's been one of the most valuable experiences of my life. It's helped me immensely personally, in terms of some of my own challenges and things that I've been working through. And I really think it's just made me so much a better person and I'm looking forward to going back over what I've learned.

Gerard Wakefield


I just finished completed the course with Andy on The 15 Laws of Growth based on this book of John Maxwell. One of the best things and best investments of time I have ever made. I feel really stretched out of my comfort zone.

Paul Richards

6 Week Mastermind Details

Why Every Leader Needs to Leadershift:

Every leader can continuously improve and reach their full potential.

Soloist to Conductor / The Focus Shift:

Shift from doing everything yourself to empowering others to excel.

Goals to Growth / The Personal Development Shift: 

Leadership effectiveness hinges on your own personal growth journey.

Perks to Price / The Cost Shift: 

True leadership requires sacrifice and commitment beyond seeking personal gain.

Pleasing People to Challenging People / The Relational Shift: 

Effective leadership involves fostering growth in others, even if it means challenging them.

Maintaining to Creating / The Abundance Shift:

Leaders create an environment of abundance where everyone can thrive.


Participant Workbook 
2 - 30 Minute Coaching Sessions (valued $300) 
Access to Recording


limited to 12 participants

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